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Re: Planetside Nostalgia: First Outfits

Originally Posted by jfisanick View Post
Nice, Zorachus is reachable by email, AngryMason is too

Solonor, Dregor, Dragonscourge, Gosnell, Brentx, and a few others are on my facebook page, last I knew Shadowfaxs was on Xbox live friends list, So I probally could get ahold of a good handful of the old guys.

How have you been ?
Wow so many old names there . If you can get most of them going for a outfit that will be a great core group. When the time comes and you if you do get anything together PM me here.

I have been good. Just trying to get through college at the moment. Fred is good as well. We are playing BF3 together actively at the moment.
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