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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by BlaxicanX View Post
I've never really understood the rage over headshots in this game.

Objectively, the TTK from getting OSK'd by a sniper that you didn't know was there isn't significantly higher than the TTK from getting killed by random joe with his assault rifle that you didn't know was there- and in a game where there's often 50+ enemies stuffed into one base, the average player will die vastly more times at the hands of a front-line class or a vehicle then they will at the hands of a sniper, and in all instances you probably won't even know they're there until you're dead.

So, why the seemingly arbitrary hate for snipers?
Because their effect is cumulative.
Its not like theres only one guy that you 1v1 in this game.
Its "one more thing" you get OHKd by.

Besides explosive OHKs can be prevented with the right equipment, like FLAK armor, which you should be wearing anyways because Nanoweave is even more pointless than it was before now, sniper OHKs can not.

From experience ive yet to consistently die from explosives unless its an LA doing suicide C4 runs because between flak armor and all the healing from medics the damage from explosives is mitigated easier as it comes in smaller chunks.

Also I dont think its really "rage" here.
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