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the 'serpus' guy seems to be trolling. it sucks to be the one person who couldn't resist the bait, or perhaps was standing up for themself enough to get fucked over by sony's BS 'policies'. sorry to hear that, I heard of cases in the first week where people were banned as well for complaining about the game, so SOE is showing they can be pretty disgusting when they want to be and totally abuse their so-called right to control the community.

You were in the wrong as far as posting gameplay issues in the general chat forum, I don't know why you would bother or expect them to be paid attention to there... but the guy was obviously trolling.

the problem is jerkfire over there apparently is amused in an ironic way by the guy's antics, but that's at the expense of all the people who are being annoyed by him so way to do your job, spork.

update on what happens here, I'll be interested to know how SOE handles this. I'm thinking of getting the game in 6 months if it's a game at that point but if I keep hearing these disturbing incidents of russian roulette banning, then screw those ridiculous aholes. I don't work all day under pressure and rules and regulation to get on my computer and have another boss. I rarely run into problems online or in games, but if I do I don't go looking for some mod or internet police to save me, what a bunch of garbage and I can't believe they would consider screwing with people's money over such ambiguity. they could end up in a class action lawsuit of banned players if you think about it.
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