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I pushed nothing after he said that
infact, if you go back and look
my only thread after that, the one entitled "Thank you sporkfire" for addressing the issue
was the one that got me banned
get a clue,
and dont you dare stick up for such an obvious violator of the rules as serpus,

Please, can anyone post this?
I have BEEN BANNED from playing THE GAME, not just posting,

feel sorry for me or not, this is wrong

I merely brought up the fact this kid should be dealt with, and HE SHOULD
his humor isnt lighthearted,
its vulgar, rude, and insulting.
I brought that up, I was banned

this isnt right, and I dont deserve it
your a fricken jerk for even saying that and defending such a individual as serpus.

anyone who doubts me, and actually believs this kid,
please, just goto the planetside forums, and look at who has roughly 10 threads ON THE FIRST PAGE, none of which are meant for anything but to annoy, bother, spam, incite, and troll...

THis is wrong, totally wrong,
I should atleast be able to play,
all I did was bring up a legitimate issue
there is special treatment on those boards,
I see it more than ever now
but I cant believe they would KICK ME FROM THE GAME, for pointing it out...
i just cant

it must be an accident, will anyone post this for me please?
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