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no, listen
dont believe these guys
see for yourselves
goto the planetside forums
see what serpus post, see how many of them are on the front pages
i think theres CLOSE to 20 on the first two pages,
NOT one has any reason for being there, NOT ONE,
if thats not spamming or trolling, I dont know what is
Its been like this for weeks too

I finally decided to address it publicly,
a lot of people agreed with me
the developers didnt, I guess they prefer a mindless post bumping a legit gripe off the boards...its saves them time from addressing the issues

either way, I deserved to get banned from the game, for what I wrote? when others have OBVIOUSLY written far worst, and are still there?
Serpus, with his 20 threads today, should stil be allowed to post, while my 3 or 4 threads ABOUT POSSIBLY PUTTING A CAP ON THIS KID, was deserving of BANNING ME FROM BEING ABLE TO PLAY?
if you say yes, I can only assume your a jerk.
cause theres no reason I shouldnt be able to play right now
and theres especially no reason someone who spams the boards for weeks straight should STILL BE ON
especially when theres people like me bringing it up (And getting banned for it)
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