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Translation from Image:

Amerish, Emerald Server -Earlier today giant robots were sighted all over Auraxis. "as oon as that, that thing came up over the hill near Kyoi, I knew that we were in a world of trouble. We hadn't gone up against anything like this before." said one member of the Terran Republic whho wished to remain anonymous.
For more than a year now, the war-torn world has been rocked by three factions -the New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, and Vanu Sovreignty- vying for control in that time, the arms race has escalated with new ground and air vehicles (through regular content updates). the discovery of alien technology (in the Core Combat expansion), and now three different types of BFRs (battleframes or, we assume, Big F -king Robots) entering the fight
This next stage of the war is a logical one, according to David Georgeson, lead designer of Planetside. "I've worked on a bunch of these giant robot games (such as Activision's Heavy Gear) Here we went with smaller scale robots that are like heavy tanks -only better."
Standing about 20 meters tall, these BFRs will be able to turn the tide in battles and, according to Georgeson, "will finally help the game feel even more like sci-fi than some near-future combat game." Each faction gets a unique chassis that can be customized. Attach the immolation cannon and then drive while a gunner makes with the devastation. Yank out the gunner's seat and you've got yourself a nimble fighter with jump jets. All told, there will be five pilot-controlled weapons, two to three gunner-controlled heavy weapons, and a slew of upcoming enhancement pods. Each chassis is yours to tweak as you see fit, and you can save different loadouts for different combat occasions. For instance, there are NTU siphons, and we hear that a cloaking device is in development.
The New conglomerate Peregrine model will resemble, as Georgeson calls it, a chicken walker. (For all you nerds out there, think AT-ST from Star Wars). These mechs sport plenty of firepower.
True to the Terran Republic credo, their Colossus BFR is a squat terror. Among its heavy weapons will be rocket pods that behave like those you see in anime movies, with dozen of rockets sprouting out and spiraling toward targets.
The Vanu's Aphelion battleframe is the only one that looks humanoid -and it might remind you of Macross robots. Relying on the plasma immolation cannon and a contiuous beam laser, this is probably the one to watch out for.
One think that all the robots will have in common is shielding. That's right, these monstrosities are nearly unstoppable. The generators on their backs mean they can sustain multible blows without a scratch. But get this -the shields can't repel small-weapons fire. Which means that while these things are imposing, a well-aimed sniper shot can take down a battleframe's shields
What's it gonna take to play? well, you'll need three certification points for the skill and a copy of Core Combat. "We wanted to give the players who invest in the expansion a feeling like they are really getting their money's worth," says Georgeson. The only snag is one we cited when reviewing Core Combat the first time around: You need to pay extra money to be able to use this new gear. But you can still be on the recieving end of a BFR attack even if you don't pay for the expansion. So be on the lookout for these iron giants this August.

Okay here's my one and a half cents. One. My eyes hurt now, so after this post I'm going to rest my eyes.

Can we get another scan froms omeone to confirm this? I just wans some confirmation that this really is legit and not a doctored photo (no offense to the poster intended).

But wow, if there is going to be giant mechs, I take back what I said about mechs in a previous post. Apparently Sony has found a way to balance it.

Yeknow to be honest, I have my doubts that this will work. Think about it, all we need is a platoon of these babies, send em off to a continent, and watch the enemy fall. THe damage put out by these mechs would be far great than the damage they would take in.

BFRs would make having TS a must.
I can't wait to see how the Vanu BFR will get across mountains.
Why does a magezine know about this before its own fanbase?
How will lag be prevented?
Tell me about customization.
How fast will they go?
How susecptible will they be to enemy fire once the shield goes down?
Will I have to wait for answers till August?

I can't wait to see armies of these babies engage each other in a mech on mech battle royal!

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