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Re: How much emphases should empire theme have?(e.g TR=Rapidfire,NC=Power,VS=tech)

Theme is important but its more important to have different style (so energy weapons for VS).

I don't want to see ANY bullets being used by the vs EVER!

As for the themes my view was and is:

TR's Theme is hit them with everything we have which comes from the idea that you have to stem reblelion and evil in the bud before it can spread so we don't have time to setup the perfect shot.

NC's theme is we have limited resoruces so we need to make every shot, every solider and every vehicle count.

VS's theme is technology overcomes all obsticles so for every problem they have a technological solution. Engineering useful equipment to cover for disadvtages Eg: We have weak tank armour because we use hover tech for better manourability - use long range weaponary to keep our tanks out of danger.

The VS is the hardest because its not really a theme. (And versatility is dumb)

(and as for TTK it should be similar for all but situationaly different, which gives each empire different playstyles from the start and different combat enviroments they try to engineer the fight towards)

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