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Re: How much emphases should empire theme have?(e.g TR=Rapidfire,NC=Power,VS=tech)

Originally Posted by Vancha View Post

I don't know whether you said what you said because you knew what a gauss gun should be and still felt it was too close to the VS, or because the guass rifle in PS gave you the wrong impression as to what a gauss gun actually was. Either way, I don't think technology we had in 1934 could be considered too close to VS' philosophy on tech.
Personally what I was sort of worried about was the sound of the weapons in the end. The Gauss rifle was pretty much suitable for my liking, but I didn't like how it sounded like a semi lazer-pew-pew high tech weapon.

It's understandable that a weapon using such mechanics (In short the way I understand the concept is that the projectile is given velocity through some magnetic stuff or something) wouldnt sound alike to a basic gas operating firearms, and this was my main concern, really. I just don't want the weapon to feel too "high tech" in terms of looks or sounds

On that note, most of the PS weapon sounds were quite weird, but I guess we can blame that on it being such an old game.

TLDR: What I would like for NC is basic gas-operated projectile weapons that sound and feel like they should. Weapons don't sound manly without some gunpowder going off! Would also imo fit the NC-lore better, who necessarily dont have the resources for any fancy tech, so they have to do it old school.

While the "gauss tech" would be from 1934, making a reliable, functioning assault rifle using that tech is still a thing for the future, really Also, current infantry weapon technology has barely changed at all in 100 years. Most of the mechanisms used in current weapons were basically invented by John Moses Browning 100 years ago (see Colt 1911).

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