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Re: First time playing Planetside

Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
I, too, am deeply disturbed by Internet forums. The Internet is disturbing. It throws off my chi.

You jerks aren't taking Planetside 1 beginner tips seriously enough and I will not stand for it!
Now back to the classic cop out "omg internetz are serious" argument. This is the most active PlanetSide forum on the internet and we are discussing a game that most people here are serious about in some way or another.

IIRC you were the one who was butt hurt about aircraft and came to whine about them in a newbie tips thread. I read what you wrote and disagreed with you. I didn't want to give a new player the wrong impression about aircraft being easy, because they aren't - especially in the state of today's game.

You sir, need to shut the fuck up.
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