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Originally Posted by wraithverge View Post
meh, wasp is effective and fun. People who have a problem with it I highly recommend reading this article:
Not as a you should do this sort of thing, but more of an understanding of other mentalities. It's like getting hate tell for a punisher using an underslung grenade, prob my most amusing hate tell ever.

That article and PS1 don't quite relate. Partly because the people saying "cheap" in PS aren't the scrubs and newbs but the people who want to have fun in a bit more of an e-sport type environment and kill each other on closer to even footing. In PS1 "cheap" are the skill-less kill you with no counter stuff.

here is a thread that describes it very clearly what cheap versus fun is and why it is complained about. I've bitched about it in command chat plenty (months ago when hardly anyone was playing but meh) I'd rather play a shooter to SHOOT people, if all I wanted to do was change the colors of maps/circles i'd just open up MS paint and click on the paint bucket. Sadly there are just a lot of people who want to WIN and WIN easy in a game that allows that as some kind of accomplishment and I guess seems to be the goal... but isn't really what makes the game fun OR the point of playing.
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