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Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
That article and PS1 don't quite relate. Partly because the people saying "cheap" in PS aren't the scrubs and newbs but the people who want to have fun in a bit more of an e-sport type environment and kill each other on closer to even footing.
Except a scrub is someone who plays by their own artificial constraints.

Most of these people have no problem bailuring on a tower, 3rd person audio camping and exploiting ADAD strafing. Even more of them spend 90% of their time outside of bases in Reavers, you know, the single seat vehicle thats 2nd fastest (combat aircraft) in the game with the heaviest armour and most powerful weapons against ALL target types. Also that's fucking hilarious, 'e-sport type on an even footing', like I said above, they spend 90% of their time outside of bases in Reavers farming everything on the ground, sure sounds like they're trying for 'gud fites' right?

They're absolutely fine doing all that but the instant someone uses a Wasp against them... They are scrubs.

Also your 'play PS to shoot people' doesn't really hold either, since almost everyone says the shooting aspect is terrible/clunky etc, when if that's all you want to do, all the 'modern' FPS do that far better.

I've always wondered why people liked ToD'ing, farming kills in the same 10x20 metre layout hour after hour (in a game of PS1 scale, ie paying a subscription to play the PS equivalent of fy-iceworld.), saying they're helping the empire, the only problem with that is they're only 'helping' because of the stupidity of the enemy.

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