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Originally Posted by Firefly
The Galaxy would be useless because you can get a Sunderer and fill it, and drop it with the Lodestar. That in itself makes nothing on the Galaxy useful.
I think the Galaxy will still be useful.

- Galaxy = 15 people (2 MAX); Lodestar+Sunderer = 11 people (2 MAX)
- Galaxy has guns; Lodestar doesn't
- Galaxy has afterburner; though not mentioned, I'd be shocked if the Lodestar had an afterburner
- Galaxy requires 1 person with Galaxy certification; Lodestar+Sunderer requires 2 people with the right certifications
- Galaxy allows hotdropping of infantry onto the roof of a base/tower; hotdropping a Sunderer on to the roof is probably not a good idea

Also, ten'll get you twenty that the Galaxy is faster than the Lodestar.

I think Galaxy will still be useful. Well, more useful when they put the HART timer back to 10 minutes. I do hope that the Lodestar isn't a new cert, though.
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