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Re: Higby Trained His Dog To Play Planetside

Originally Posted by p0intman View Post
Reminds me of galaxy piloting done by SAS's OL, Wesley314. Though, in our experience, it usually blows up before or very shortly after it gets to this point. It also reminds me of Opirr. Trust me, both Wes and Opirr have crazy galaxy skills.

Opirr's Galaxy Piloting Skills - YouTube
Altogether too many of the airline pilot puns can be applied:
"Although the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign, we ask that you please keep your seatbelt on while seated as unexpected turbulence CAN occur."
"Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats and buckle your seat belts in preparation for landing."

Or alternatively: after a gen hold:
All right, let's load up the gal again.
Where is it?
I hid it.
Cool. Where?
Somewhere the VS can NEVER get to.
And where would that be?
Doctors kill people one at a time. Engineers do it in batches.

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