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No never, register naw, cant do it, fight urge, pfffftt like i was gonna anyways! (if ur lost, just say that im on drugs at the time of this post)

Anyways, to much registering, we should have some standard sytem of logging in, i use the same name and pass every time. Just 2 much work to fill all that info over and over.

-Dark- CO [TEAR]
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The only true thug left, i merc ni**as cuz they all seem like skirts, while i flirt, with danger ur at home, living comfortably, in the beggining couldnt afford a computer, but now im living like im a millionair, buyin' things, that u only have in ur dreams, maybe its cuz i made it out alive, im outy alright, and this is for u, the real PSU, i still love u, but what happened, u guys got a bunch of asses, in ur ranks, now ur forums are full of Sh*t

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