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VS - Emerald - Quantum Dawn [DAWN]

Server: Emerald
Website: (@quantum_dawn)
Outfit Leader: DaMann22 (@damann222)

Creed of Quantum Dawn
Quantum Dawn is one of the premier Vanu outfits on the Waterson server that offers casual fun during the week and near MLG competitiveness during our weekend Dawn Ops. My group of dedicated Planetside players can fight with the best of the best while still offer great entertainment full of laughter and merriment. So if your looking for a good balance of recreational and hardcore playing then Quantum Dawn is for you!!!

Competitively focused Dawn Ops
On the weekend Quantum Dawn plays competitively during our operation nights (Wednesdays 8:00pm EST and Saturday's at 10:00am EST and 8:00PM EST) where strict discipline and focus leads our group. We are not overtly militaristic however we follow military ranks and standards while keeping it simple. Quantum Dawn has a talented group of solders that have been around since early beta. We have seen everything the enemies have thrown our way and understand the tactics needed to repel our foes.

Casual Gameplay
Most nights of the week Quantum Dawn enjoys the teamwork fun of grouping up with a single goal in mind, having fun. Its what we mostly pride ourselves on knowing how to enjoy Planetside 2 and all it offers. Currently Quantum Dawn runs full squads of harassers to combat enemy vehicle forces, and do so with great success. Also we own our very own teamspeak 3 channel that is always open that we do not share with any other outfit or gaming community.

Gaming Community
Quantum Dawn also has a robust community on other games such as DayZ standalone, Warframe, League of Legends, and Guns of Icarus. We believe in becoming a gaming community for all games by providing an environment for like-minded gamers. We have an excellent teamspeak server provide by one of our founding members which functions for Planetside 2 and our other games.

How to Join: If Quantum Dawn feels right for you please apply at You can also contact us @quantum_dawn or through our leader @damann222.

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