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Re: Confiscated vehicles/weapons..?

Let's get this quote in here:

Originally Posted by Matt Higby
Keep in mind that from a technical perspective, having to make VS and TR specific texture variants for an NC vanguard is as expensive to our texture budget as having two unique vehicles too (assuming we'd want to do it right, with a full skin not just a decal swap, which we would). Our texture budget is already stretched with all the unique armor, vehicles, weapons etc. I can't think of any other AAA fps game that would have anything close to our texture requirements.
It looks like it's a texture memory problem. Even so, I see no reason why weapons could not be looted. There's no need to re-skin a looted weapon, just change the tracer color.

Also, I simply don't see how it could present a balance issue unless the empires each have weapons with radically unequal abilities in different areas. I'm holding out hope for loot-able weapons being added in beta.
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