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I hate you Tobias. I really do. Why in the HELL would you love Wizards to be NERFED?! Did you even ever try to play one?! You're some second-rate damage dealing, bottom feeding, forced to solo but not very good at it, weak version of a magician that can teleport. The ONLY saving grace about a wizard were the high level damage spells - until they turned to crap. Manaburn was the only thing to look forward to. I left it awhile ago because all it was was an attempt to either cheat, steal, and/or play 24/7 to become uber and get into an uber guild so you could get uber items and become leet. Not my version of happiness.

On the other hand, Druids were the first son's of Verant (as opposed to the beaten and tortured step-childs which we refer to as Wizards). They get EVERY type of spell in the game: DD, summons, teleports, movement enhancements, heals, buffs, YOU NAME IT - THEY HAD IT. And they not only had everything... but they had everything and did it well. You know there must be a problem with a class when 95% of all the people who played the game had at least one high level druid.
Blah Blah Blah anti druid lies Blah Blah Blah. In ME i can take 4 gorngna (or how ever you spell that) at a time, killing them in about 3 mins. With 12 FT, POTC, and KEI, i have little down time. I kill more then some of the groups, by myself. I can also solo in CS non stop with my lumistaff, and solo in UP against Elsylins to get fellow druids the armor, with no down time. After our epic got the snare removed it begame > then wizards epic imo. I think your just angry cause the wizard KS biznitchs got there main KS tool broken.

cept halfin druids, those lil shrub huggers suck.

P.S. Us druids can also solo dragons in WW, i have never tried it but we can so blah.
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