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i do not agree. this is a team base game . when u are rolling a tank for example you dont just leave it and start capping the point , u are a tanker and u should do your job as one , let the infantry take the base and deal with the capture points and if ur squad dont have any and only tanks, well thats the leader's fault. if u dont work like that ur fight is gonna be a mess.

PS : +1 for PoisonTaco

I normally favor pro teamwork arguments but this is one case I disagree. It's pretty ridiculous when you have an area locked down with tanks but the facility goes uncapped because no one wants to get out an flip the terminal. It's already a big risk since you might die in the process an not be able to respawn near the tank an lose it. Discouraging it further with a short timer is unnecessary IMO. 5 minutes is fine on a Flash as people tend to use those as disposable speed boosts then abandon it so it's just using up server resources for no reason. But for bigger vehicles 15 or 20 minutes is better.
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