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Re: Buggy implementation - for the future


-3 slots basic, one pintle mounted weapon, one driver, one passenger gunner.
-Sidegrades to swap pintle mount for mobile radar?
-Sidegrades to swap gun for usualy array of different weapons fits.
-Sidegrades to remove weapons completely and outfit buggy with stealth camo generator.
-Sidegrades to add armoured crew compartment (Can no longer sniper passengers and gunner) at expensive of speed and handling, does not increase armour of vehicle much.
-Sidegrades to add super-charged engine. (Loss of grip and handling, boost in speed, take damage while dismounting at high speed).
- Supercharger, Armoured crew compartment and Stealth camo mutualy exclusive.
-Usual performance and handling sidegrades

-Very fast

-Light armour (tissue-paper and duct tape)

-Good handling (tight turns fast gear change)

-Good grip and torque (fast accel, low lateral roll)

-Cheap as chips (Can be spammed, upgraded versions may be more expensive, maybe significantly more expensive)

-Spec-ops vehicle of choice for sneaky raiding. (current alternative is Gal drop, Sundie rush or Quad spam)

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