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No, he's feared for his weapon. Any monkey can point and shoot and kill someone if it nicks their toe. AWP users, which you obviously are, like to glorify themselves and preach their skill, but they're really not skilled at all. "A good AWP'er can shorten the reload time to .5 seconds", you said. Oh, a good one? Wow, there I was thinking that it was actually "anyone who knows where the Last Weapon key is bound to on their keyboard". Silly me. I guess I'm not l33t enough to understand the tremendously difficult weapon like the AWP.
hate to tell u buddy, but ask anyone cal+, and theyll tell u its balanced, and if u want to talk about monkeys, go in a pub and see how many of them spray, get kills, and think there good. Yes, i use awp, but im to slow with it to beat out a really good awper. I mainly use m4/ak, but ppl who say it is imblanced, really do suck at the game (they also say its a "point and shoot/click"). oh and leg shots dont kill
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