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This is a fantastic idea, I could spend all night dribbling my follow up thoughts into this thread, but I do have some work to do... anyway....

To get this to work would hopefully see a major overhaul in the way battles are fought and some vehicles are used.

1. Destroy towers.
2. Reduce the number of pre determined bases, or simply make the space in between them bigger, increasing the size of continents.
3. Alter the AMS to become more building like when it deploys, give the driver to choose either a cloak, shield bubble or automated defence weapon system. AMSs should also regen health of those around it.
4. Alter the Lodestar to become more building like when it deploys (could deploy in the air or on the ground) and make it have equipment terminals on the outside and most importantly allow troops to spawn vehicles from it. Also give it the option to have a shield, cloak bubble or automated defence weapon system.

With these changes, particularly 3 and 4 we see the start of these player made bases; we have spawn points for both troops and aircraft, and we have equipment terminals to rearm at. The drivers also have the option for going down a stealth, assault or defensive base with the modules.

Now, combined with the engineering deployable equipment we already have a fully functioning base, apart from structures for radar and certifications (very rarely used in the field anyway).

We could see the deployable manned turrets become automated when not manned, and able to be designed with general purpose or dedicated AI/AV/AA weapons.
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