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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

Originally Posted by dachlatte View Post
BF3 shows why prone is a bad thing to put in an FPS. 50% of your team will lie around in some corner scrubbing the floor. They just love the LMG with bipod and ext. mags. Ratatatatatata all day and 5% overall accuracy. Its a sad thing to see, really.
With over 100 hours of play I have never been in one game of BF3 where anything close to that many people are prone at once, not even half that. The only place that applies is Metro killspam servers and even then prone is not that prevalent.

The only valid argument for prone IMO is running and diving. Otherwise It's just a nice tool for snipers and people defending locations with a perfectly reasonable trade-off that your a sitting duck. People will camp with or without prone it's not going to matter.

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