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Re: Lasher, Jackhammer and MCG.

Originally Posted by Xaine View Post
This is the first time i've played PS1 in a while. I've seen the Lasher go through many changes, but currently i've come to the opinion that..

Its fucking awful.

You see TR running around with stolen JHs, and NC with MCGs.. and you see the VS with either... but i can't remember the last time i saw either the TR or NC with a Lasher.

I'd rather use the sweeper, and i do. The range is very short, yeah - but its TTK is actually good and it kills people? I do FAR better wth the sweeper than with the Lasher. Every time i come up against a JH or a MCG with a Lasher i get destroyed.

Am i just a baddie, or what?
And funnily enough as TR I'd rather fight against the NC+JH than VS+Lasher. I think it is due to the effective range where if I keep the range long against JH I have an advantage.

Perhaps your experience is because the Lasher is an in-between weapon and by that I mean you need longer range against the JH and shorter range against the MCG so you need to fight in 2 different styles.

I'd advise not trying to use the VS MA though .... it's much easier for me to fight against than the Lasher.
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