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Originally Posted by bedzike View Post
trxeffect is a c#ck sucker who stream snipes for os kills so he is an unfair f#cker whos whole outfit used the wasp bug today like f#cking c#ck suckers. so did delta traids f#cking pos A##es
No, you're not the first gal I've OS'd before, you won't be the last. Tip, make it look like you're going to drop on the roof, but continue to back door. Or vice versa. The only reason I didn't hesitate on dropping the OS on you guys was because the path you took for your drop didn't leave much to the imagination on where you were going. Amateurs.

Also, the only one who have wasp certed is Term and I almost positive he wouldn't pull a wasp on cyssor, while I know I didn't.

The only person I could see doing that is Reindeer (still skeptical), who doesn't give a shit anyways.

Edit: Also, I am skeptical that you have video evidence.

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