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Re: Body Dragging

I've spent a lot of time both as a PS medic and a Dolphin.. I mean BF medic. The latter is way easier for dev to implement but I, too, have an issue with what really does amount to whack-a-medic as people keep pogoing back to life. I felt that the PS slow-rez system was killing off one guy more rewarding as, in BF, if you leave one alive, you've left them all alive.

What I didn't like was not being able to rescue people in a bad spot. If you stick your head out and sit around to rez, you're done. It makes people more hesitant to push and everyone's been in the situation where the zerg is hiding behind a door when they need to grow a pair and flood that hallway. Dragging would make recoveries much more realistic and further incentivize pushing as well as not hitting the respawn button right away.

As for it being used rarely... There are so many times that I've had to give up on a guy that I wouldn't have had to if I could just tug him a few feet and behind cover.

Whether or not this should be medic only I don't know. Realistically it should be anybody and some heavy armor role pulling back bodies for recovery (or maybe a dude with a door shield mentioned in another thread) would be a somewhat dangerous but still viable fight reset option. Maybe add Medic tree perks that allows for downed fire (you quick-stabilize them), quicker drags and other addon perks that non-medic draggers wouldn't have.

Of course, none of this matters when you have a Triage MAX but that's a whole other thread. *whistle*

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