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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Here's the OF thread for all your WDS info needs:

This is a feature aimed at the outfits, those that want a victory condition, and something to drive more strategic thinking and goals. In other words it's a feature that would be helpful to get constructive feedback on from the PS1 vets and outfit/empire leadership players.
If you want some feedback it might be worthwhile to continue the pre-season until the factions are more evenly balanced or to hold off on the WDS until that can happen. People have been saying for months what needs to happen, the numbers are there to support it as well if Maradine's Oracle of Death Thread is anything to go by.

Now as he asked people not to read into those numbers to much I'll say that you as the developers obviously know what's going on in your game better than any of us do. I just don't want to see the WDS tarnish the game or the player base. The less we can claim X won because of Y the better. The things that should be looked at for this are the striker (To a much lesser extent than previously but the problem is still present), the Vulcan (The thing is pointless to fight against, it'll out dps any crew on a harasser - The harasser it self which might need looking into as well.) The ZOE could use some tuning to the movement speed buff it gets, perhaps take away the strafing bonus alone and keep the rest as is. The Vanguard Shield I have been seeing complaints about as well as the Airhammer and MAX balance in general.

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