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Re: A new Hardcore Mode/Server thread.

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
More like 1.1 games, considering literally everything aside from stat files would be identical. Balance is not easy, but its also not a very labor intensive job. There are plenty of quite balanced mods out there that are mostly done by one or two people. Theres several people on this forum I'd feel confident could handle the task of reshaping the combat to a different dynamic.

So.. the community as a whole decides which they prefer, and thats supposed to strike one as a bad thing? That would be awesome.
Nah it would definitely be two radically different games, and SOE doesn't exactly have the manpower for that. Maintaining separate stats is one thing, but you'd also have to squash twice as many bugs, and just think of the multitude of small changes that were made in each PS1 patch. With a "classic" mode, you'd almost double the work when patching, as well.

I see your point as far as balancing small mods, but PS1 has an immense number of facets to balance, and the butterfly effect generated by changing one single weapon's damage is a balance nightmare. There's no way you really think one or two guys could balance every aspect of PlanetSide in such a small timeframe.

As far as your comment about letting the community choose between "classic" and "new" servers, I think the devs and most of the community realize that it's time for PS to be overhauled. PS1 is amazing in it's own right, but we're ready for a completely new game that revisits the excellent "universe" of PlanetSide while simultaneously bringing so much more to the table. I am totally psyched about everything that the PS2 team has touched on thus far.

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