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Hopefully they are smart enough to not do that. Point&click moved ships with autotargeted abilities in comparison to free movement with more dimensions and usually more people in the same place than in EVE, not to mention latency being a way bigger factor in an FPS game...

The idea could do nothing but fail Well, it's not too bad currently with just one server (playing from EU myself), but it would be a stupid decision as long as theres population for diff servers on diff continents.
You do realize EVE has had major lag and latency problems right? It has a lot of animations going on and actually demands a lot of performance from your computer. Plus alliance PVP battles are massive im talking hundreds of ships and POS stations and what not.


How can anyone complain about camping in a game where your there to defend territory?? You do understand when you dig in and fortify a position to defend it you have to camp it. If you want a game that doesnt support camping PS2 will not be your game. I plan on holding my ground, finding some cover, and digging in or camping as you put it.

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