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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by TorinPS View Post
I see this as further disadvantaging the side with a lesser skilled air squad. If you are allowed 12 people in the air at any given time, and your 12 people cannot compete, you outright lose the air battle. You don't have the option of putting 24 people in the air to try to counter it, you just lose the air battle. And IMO, 12 people in the air is still more than plenty to handle 48 people on the ground. 1 Liberator is still ample to hold down a spawn when they don't have to worry about air threats. Basically this turns all air vs air battles into strictly a matter of skill and the 'right' air squad loadout. (lib/esf balance) Not that this is particularly bad, it just gives even fewer options to outfits with less experienced air squads.
And that is a fact that cannot be avoided until they fix base design. But by reducing the air wings to one squad it still leaves the ground to have some semblance of a chance to succeed even without air superiority.

Yes a squad of aircraft can still dominate on the nexus, but it brings it down to a point where ground can at least move up on one side of the map if your air focuses A2G. Currently the Nexus is purely decided by air combat. There are no other tactics to win on this map pure and simple.

We as a community need to set a standard to limit the zerg factor of air other wise it will be the only combat to happen at competitive levels. It is completely unacceptable that the infantry or ground fight is the back seat compared to the air fight. We have to find a way to balance this out otherwise you wont get the viewership by simply watching air zergs duke it out for 10 mins. Followed by the winner camping the loser with libs for the remainder of the match.

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