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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by TorinPS View Post
What you're suggesting is like saying some friends who fool around and play basketball after work together should be able to have a meaningful and fun time against an NBA all-star team. Nope.
Actually yes, because these casuals are playing on the same daily basketball field/server as the NBA players in this game. If you let these NBA stars completely destroy every casual that enters the basketball field, then guess what? Casuals will stay away and your basketball game becomes a ghost town, just like air is atm in the game. They designed basketball leagues for a reason you know.

If you design a game where you put casuals/mediocre players in the same environment as uber-skilled hardcore pro's/no-lifers (mind you, not every game does that), than you better come up with mechanics that ensure everybody will have a good time or this game will die out.

Originally Posted by necrate View Post
Because this game is not about single duels, but rather quite the opposite, it makes sense that a group of top pilots could perform as well as a group of good pilots with 20% more numbers.
This is somewhat true. If anything, the current air game has forced players to stick together. On an individual 1 vs 1 level, which is often the case on off-hours, you still won't stand a chance vs a top ace though. There's simply no room for lone-woving any more in the air, which is not good. You hear even top pilots complaining about it.

I would say 30-40 hours of flying (against other pilots! not rocket podding) is sufficient to make you a decent pilot.
Not on my server. I've spend double that amount in my mosquito (fair to say, it includes rocket podding) but the moment I lift off on Miller, some Artorius, Justicia or MattiAce type will instagib me within a minute after arriving on the battlefield, guaranteed. Needless to say, I stopped any serious flying ages ago. Any game that forces you into some boring training (VR/PTS) environment for serious hours in order to have even remotely fun, has design issues. No matter how you look at it.

Originally Posted by snafus View Post
I think you guys are getting a little out of hand trying to use the Nexus fight as an argument for over all aircraft balance in PS2. Fighting on the Nexus is night and day difference then your usual play on live server. And you should not take what happens there as evidence of anythings power in the live game.
I disagree. Like other games, competitive play functions as a microscope for balance issues and PS2 is not any different in this regard.
Nexus so far has painfully shown how broken the air game is (be top ace or be gone) and artificial rules like your proposal might actually end up being necessary to keep the competitive game alive for the time being.

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