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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Phrygen of BWC posted something along this exact same lines not 15 minutes ago, and I'll post here exactly what I posted there:

"I think you're hideously misrepresenting what is going on. You do realize that like 90% of the people in TGWW play 2 or all 3 factions, right? You do realize that those same people are also in QRY?

Same group of people make up multiple outfits on multiple factions. NNG asked TGWW to team up with them, and we did. TGWW and QRY are very similar in player composition. If QRY competes, you're going to see like 90% of the same people.

QRY isn't gone, but some of the key players (Naterian, Corewin, Rudelord, Thundahawk) have been playing other games lately, and came back to PS2 to play something competitive.

TGWW/QRY/Mattherson Pilots have been recruiting for many months now. You may not realize it, but this has been in the works since MLG 'came onto the scene', in hopes of making a seriously elite air group for competition.
What happened last night was a realization of that effort. We didn't recruit people last minute from other factions/outfits, we simply got everyone to log on at once and play in RCCC, something we've been planning and working towards for a long time."

A group of about 30 really good pilots and Liberator gunners have been playing together for many months now. A lot of us play all 3 factions, some just 2. We're in the same outfits on other factions as well. We've been planning and working with each other, recruiting towards this effort for 3-4 months. We didn't just snag some people from other factions/outfits to make some ringer squad for RCCC. We've been playing together and building up to this, in order to do exactly what we did: bring a critical mass of great air players to the competitive scene.

We did that. We didn't break any rules, these people have been with us all along. It is pretty lame that you use some misinformation fed to you by who-knows, in order to throw some mud on what was otherwise a good match.

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
Last min change was spawn beacons,,,, you guys didnt want them at the last min so we couldn't use them.
It is not that we didn't want them, it is that we had no one who could use them. Everyone was under the impression that SOE would be able to level 10 people from NNV to level 10, so they could use beacons. At the last minute, SOE said they couldn't, which left NNG with 0 people who could drop beacons. As a result, RCCC, not 'us' ruled that it was only fair to not allow beacons. Next time, things will probably be different, people will have time to level up before the match, and it won't be a big deal. But if beacons were allowed, it would have been something that you guys had, and you guys only.

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