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Re: My thoughs on ZOE

Originally Posted by PredatorFour View Post
From useage i'd say ZOE maxes can get hit by deci's. It happens to me, it happens to many others. Infact it happened twice to me last night.

You gotta remember that even with full kinetic, a ZOE takes a beating just by being hit with a carbine say. Even though they dish out pain, they are vulnerable. A slight beating turns into a heavy beating with ZOE turned on.

If i were to balance the empires maxes in their current states i would do the following (from a ZOE users point of view max on max);

NC = Make the shield GO ROUND THE SIDES of the max, only leaving the back exposed. There's been times i have literally just jumped round a shield max in my ZOE and hit it on it's side.

TR = Increase the speed of the clamping/de-clamping process, make it more lethal CQ and less vulnerable.

VS = A speed reduction. Make it not strafe as fast/or faster than a normal soldier. ( a part of me hates me for saying this )
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