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Re: Ragdoll in Forgelight?

Originally Posted by headcrab13 View Post
The advanced nature of the Forgelight engine seems to suggest that ragdoll animation will be featured in PS2, though I haven't seen it officially mentioned. I think this adds the potential for some incredibly cinematic moments.

I always felt the tower battles in PS1 could have benefited from ragdoll, when your faction is pushing to get up several levels of stairs. It would be amazing to see enemy bodies rolling down the steps toward you as you charged up at the opposition, firing wildly and throwing grenades, as the explosions tossed enemies against the ceiling and walls.

They could also use ragdoll in some other interesting ways, such as having a shotgun blast knock someone over the railing on the top deck of a tower, or having a Galaxy go down in a fiery blast that sent the passengers flying in different directions.

Do you guys expect to see ragdoll, and if so, how would this add to the feel of PS2?

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