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Re: My main concern about the class system

The cert system was done rather well when we had the possibility to have fewer certs. The strength of the cert system is that while you could do more, you couldn't do everything at the same time. For example, you could be an HA and a AV trooper, but you wouldn't be able to drive most vehicles, and if you wanted to hack and be a medic, you would have to decrease the amount of ammo you could have by quite a bit. There was a balance there. But that is not all. You couldn't just say "Incoming max units!" and then set up your max killer setup unless you already had that cert.

From what they have said about the class system, you can be a Medic, or an AV guy or an HA guy or a driver. Just not all at the same time, and not as well as your main certs. So, while the driver who sets up an HA loadout may not be as good as the guy who specializes in AV, he is still an HA guy.

Essentially you have traded the concept that a guy could have Engi/HA/AV/Medic at the same time as long as he has the Level (though not as effective at it) with a guy who can change into any class without reguardless of level (though not as effective at it.) It seems strange to me. You get rid of the options of having some different abilities as long as you are high enough level and certs, and replace it with having all different abilities from level one just not at the same time. See what I am getting at here? Doesn't look good.

Of course, that is based upon an assumption. What he keeps talking about is how certs make one more effective at a class. NOT certs gaining more classes.
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