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Re: Facility Benefits, Function, and Importance

Really like the ideas presented here Malorn, especially that you have both local and continent wide benefits for capturing each type of facility.

The local benefit you mention for the Interlink facility is similar to the Tactical Overlay on the map in the current game, something which is very useful if you have someone keeping an eye on it.

Regarding the Bio Labs local benefit, perhaps make it simply have two spawn rooms? This would make it harder to capture with infantry spawning in multiple locations, perhaps have one in the lobby and one in the basement, allowing players to spawn closer to the action.

The sixth facility I would have as a training facility as you suggest; allowing players to train faster is something every player is going to want to have captured.

In my upgrade project I suggested an Artillery Facility, but this would replace the OS entirely. I also suggested a Storage facility for enemy vehicles, but PS2 won't have vehicle jacking.
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