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Re: Facility Benefits, Function, and Importance

Two spawn rooms on the bio lab is interesting. Makes it much harder to disable the spawn room when there's two in different parts of the base. It might have some one-way exits or something from the spawn room to the vehicle terminal for more rapid deployment.

It might also be the only place where you can changeout your implants, though I suppsoe the convenience of being able to do it there rather than going back to an uncap is probably sufficient in that regard.

Training facility would definitely be something everyone would want to have. But one thing I don't like is that it seems like too much of a personal benefit. And if training benefits are continent benefits then there's overlap there which might be a bad thing. It'd be hard to balance the two types of benefits and you might get pepole stagnating on a continent because they have the training benefit & the training facility. Seems like a potentially dangerous facility which is why I was a bit unsure about it.

It would also be hard to give it a continent/local benefit that actually assisted in taking the continent. I think that's the purpsoe behind the facilities - to be strategic locations that facilitate (pardon the pun lol) capturing of the continent, and also provide variety in gameplay of course.

So far the idea has been around different playstyle enhancers: Factory enhances vehicles, Bio lab infantry, and interlink command/leadership. The other two are direct control enablers, via resource efficiency and territorial influence. I think the 6th type needs to be another direct control enabler. We already have resources, already have influence. The others reduce timers and rates.

Perhaps the last facility is a type of continental capital that sits smack in the center of the map and is meant to be a convergence point for all three empires? Capturing that facility could have some sort of strong control benefit, although that would overlap with the amp station.

Crazy idea, but maybe the central facility can be like some sort of starport like thing (dropship center re-imagined) that ships the resources off-continent. Perhaps it periodically produces a set of bonus resources or something to whichever empire controls it, or provides a cross-continent benefit (2% resource efficiency on all continents). The local benefit for this facility is rather obvious - it's smack in the center of the map allowing you to exert control. Could have 2 vehcile pads so facilitate that.
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