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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
Now you're being silly, ofc i'd love to have a medic in the squad, but if the game is unplayable without a medic then there's going to be issues.

on another note what do you think the medic is suppose to do, is he suppose to have the med app out constantly spamming heals on everything? if thats the case i think we'll have the same problem all the trinity mmorpgs have, and thats lack of healers because it's a dull playstyle
Never said it would be unplayable, just you wouldn't be able to pick your guys up off the ground once you get into a fight, or be 100% for the next fight. Same as if you decided not to bring along a hacker, or anyone with AV, AA, etc you would be screwed when it came to that situation.

Notice that even in class based FPS games (ie Battlefield) medics have guns; and with lower TTKs overall they are perfectly playable as its a much more even playing field. Sure the guys with the equivalent of HA will have an advantage, but the medics weapons will give him a damned good chance of victory, if he has the skill.
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