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I would further the idea with the addition that with the right skill trained, a medic could drag another player but allow that player to fire back on any assailants. It seems odd for the medic to have the skill to allow the downed to fire while KOed, but unless there's a "generic" skill tree that works for every MOS (like I imagine leadership roles do,) the medic having the skill makes the most sense to me.

But dragging is only really useful if reviving takes some time, and I hope it does. I've played plenty of games with the instant revive bull, and it's really annoying to take down someone only for them to be back in the fight before their body even hits the ground because of the dedicated medic strapped to their ass.

I'd shoot the medic, but I was being metaphorical: they're typically hidden behind cover.

As an aside, we can definitely do away with the 0/100 stam revive too, or at least there should be a skill that influences how much stamina one is revived with. It does little good to revive someone only for them to be forced to sit and rest somewhere until they're ready to fight again. In that time, they could have respawned and been back in the fight with fresh kit anyway.
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