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Re: Facility Benefits, Function, and Importance

All the ideas are great, except the 6th. The zerg will only go after it, it will become the new interfarm. Nothing should enhance leveling except the way the devs currently have it set up.

I still think there needs to be a dropship center of sorts. The localized benefit would be production of Gal's etc. The continent wide would be a sort of shuttle service. It'd basically be a HART that isn't a HART. It's a one way trip to any friendly base you choose. The shuttle would have a one minute thirty second rotation time. Shuttle waits for passengers for one minute, and once it takes off it takes 30 seconds for it to return to the dropship center.

The way in which it drops you off would be more similar to when jumping out of a gal. No drop pod, since you aren't dropping from orbit just a high altitude. You are dropped into a randomized location anywhere within the walls of the friendly base you chose.

Now, this part is under the assumption that spawning mechanics will stay the same, where you can only spawn at the nearest base/tower/AMS UNLESS you hit up a matrix term at a friendly base. The idea would be that a person could set up their DNA at the matrix term within dropship centers. This way, people (organized groups and zergers alike) could respond to distant base attacks within a reasonable amount of time. This way, everyone doesn't have to cert Mosquito to get around.

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