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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
I dont like it for two reasons - grief potential and distraction.

Moving another character involuntarily is generally bad. Limiting to squad also limits usefulness.

For the second reason i think of Battlefield style pacing and i just dont see the value of body dragging. Why drag when you could be resing instead? How many situations when limited to squadmates will you really see this used? And if a medic is in a position to drag he could just as easily res. Either way the medic is in the line of fire. Battlefield eliminates the need for this by giving a very short immunity timer for the freshly resd so they canget orientated and move behind nearby cover.

Its a neat idea, I just dont think it is worth the dev time because it brings minimal gameplay value.
In Arma 2, I myself have used the drag feature multiple times, and its pretty damn epic when you do. Typically, when someone goes down they might be shooting near some sort of cover. Dragging allows you to pull them a meter to safety, which wouldn't take long at all. You can now rez them without being shot and without them being shot as soon as they're up.

Think of it like this. You drop on a hot amp station to do a gen hold. Everyone makes it in, sh*ts looking good, but just as everyones about to safety a Reaver comes in low and picks off the last man in. Gen door closes, so you're safe from the reaver, but you know infantry are on the way. Now, you can stand in the entryway rezzing him and waiting to die, or pull him the rest of the way inside and rez him while being covered by your squadmates.

Edit: As for grief, I don't see it happening. What are they gonna do, pull your dead body into enemy fire and get themselves killed? You're already dead, just respawn. What, afraid they'll pull you into the water? Just respawn. I imagine the only grief will come from your outfit buddies just screwin with ya, and thats all in fun.

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