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Originally Posted by Quovatis View Post
First off, my "unskilled" comment relates to the discussion about cleaning toilets and flipping burgers. I never said teachers are unskilled, nor do I know of any teacher that gets paid minimum wage.

Getting paid "more than they are worth" refers to being forced to pay them more than the market dictates by law, not something I pull out of the air (i.e. minimum wage laws). This again refers to unskilled jobs, not teaching.

I was a teacher, getting 25k a year, and I didn't bitch.
I can't think of any reason someone cleaning toilets and flipping burgers 'deserves' to pay the least amount our government will legally allow someone to be paid. That there even has to be a minimum wage is rather insulting, isn't it? "I'd pay you less, but I'd be arrested". How nice.

I'm still hazy on what "more than they're worth" means. Is there a cap to how much a data analyst can be paid? If so, can you enlighten me? I'd be interested to know if there is an illegally high amount of money I could be paid. Gives me some idea as to my limitations.

As for your own personal experience: good for you. You were making wages near poverty level and happy. That's fine. But you don't get to tell other people that it's good for them because it's good for you.
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