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Originally Posted by Figment View Post
And that's why you are a spoiled brat who can't imagine (or at the very least is too ego-centric to care) others have it far worse than you and you've been "lucky" so far to get away with (artificially) lower(ed) gas prices for decades.

So we ran out of "care" for US people complaining about "high" gas prices, when they're still lower than our prices a decade ago.
That right there is the shittiest excuse not to speak up ever invented.

Don't complain that you are hungry, there are people starving in Africa.

Don't complain about how little money you have, there are people with no houses.

Don't complain about the government sticking Jupiter's Cock into everything you do, there are European countries that let their governments use them as slave labor.

Don't speak up about war, there are people actually there dying.

Don't say a word about marriage inequality, there are places where you can be killed just because you know someone who has a dog that came from the house of a man who shops at a store that sells crops from an American company that might have a homosexual employee.

Don't complain about taxes, Danishlanders shit money and their government wipes their asses.
Post at me bro.

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