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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
He didn't claim the global cooling myth.

He's referring to this:

If you continued to watch after the global cooling part you would have seen he then referenced Global warming and how we now call it "Climate change" because both warming and cooling have been shown to be big piles of crap.

In the 70's people taught about global cooling and how Man's industry was to blame. Then we make the same claim about global warming. And now it's "climate change" - that way we can safely refer to any change in weather as being caused by man.

The video isn't claiming global cooling, or global warming. It's mocking the idiocy that has been crippling our economies for decades on the premise of global warming/cooling/climate change, all while other countries move ahead of us in industry because we gimped ourselves.
Do... do I need to tell you that Time isnt a scientific publication? And that media will run with a good story despite the truth?
Do you know how many papers in the 1970's were about global warming trends? 44. global cooling? 7.
It's an outright lie to say that Scientists agreed in the 70's that the earth was cooling.

And warming is the global trend, every reputable climate science group agrees with that.
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