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Re: Santorum Drops Out

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
And then there's the whole my tax dollars are paying for someone else's recreational activities part of it.
Actually this a common misconception among men. I didn't know much about birth control either until I heard this debate come up. After talking to my mother and researching I found out birth control (the pill) is surprisingly more used for medical reasons and preventative measures (58%). It's also used for lighter periods and less problems related to PMS. There's an obvious reason why 99% of women depend on it in the US. It's something you should take time researching. It's not something we, as men, really have to think about.

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Oh hey look I can put up propaganda too!
Didn't this graph hit you as kind of odd? The scale along the Y is not proportional to the scale on the right. We all know Bill Clinton was amazing.

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