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Re: What was running PS2 today?

Originally Posted by cryosin View Post
Ya i got a decent budget rig i built:

Core i5 3550
7770 Overclocked

I can run most games on high with 50+ FPS, occasionally i have turn a setting down a notch but usually its no biggie(in blacklight i had to turn dynamic lights off and got a 20 FPS boost lol).

I'm not expecting it to look that good and smooth, but if i get 50+ FPS and reasonably good graphics ill be happy.

As for ping, i think it will be okay. Planetside 1 is just 1 server right now, but multiple servers should solve ping issues.

East coast is usually 80-120 ping and west coast is 30-80 ping for me. The game looked very smooth from the booth gameplay. Hopefully the servers can handle the large number of players.
Sounds absolutely fine to me, this type of rig is exactly what they'll be aiming to get medium/high working on. But as with Planetside 1 it may turn out to be more stressful than they estimated, especially with 2000 dudes shooting everything up.
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