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Re: E3 Demo is Misleading...

Originally Posted by RadarX View Post
It's completely necessary to ensure a taste of what a full scale battle is going to be link and to ensure people didn't wander off and get lost. They were for the demo purposes only.

But there is still something that needs to be done. Radar, i want you to do me a favor:

As far as i understand, theres a whole bunch of you folks in SD playing the game, to populate it for the E3 folks. Right now its just random battle, without much coordination. Now, people need to see the other side, the tactics, the thing that really makes Planetside different.

So go, find yourself a squad or two of each empire, get each of those squads to group up and work together, let them man a Galaxy or two, and show those E3 folks and the people watching the TB stream what a Galaxy drop really means.

Then, let those squads take Air and just crush the base together. And then a Tank collum. Just do stuff together, show them what Outfits are capable of, what we guys have done for years. Show them the true face of Planetside.

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