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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Azren View Post
Such a change is not required. They worked out how to balance the MBTs in PS1, they can work it out in PS2 too. It has to do with change in firepower armor and speed.

Besides, strafeing is not all that useful as it sounds
Don't forget to have the above properties divided by required manpower.

Strafing definitely is a benefit, but for the Magrider it's mostly compensation for not having a turret and therefore being easy to flank as the deadzones of the tank are ginormous and you have to turn your hull and therefore lose a lot of potential directional movement while aiming "sideways".

Where other tanks can fire sideways at high forward speeds, a Magrider would become a completely stationary rotating turret without strafing. With strafing it gets to circle strafe at close range though.
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