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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Flaropri View Post
My thoughts:
1. Asymmetric Balance is fine. While it might be a disappointment to some VS players, I don't think the Magrider NEEDS the option, and I could see it causing balance problems to implement on top of the extra animation/modeling effort. While balance could be resolved, it isn't necessary to go through those steps in my opinion. (Side note: I currently intend to play VS, so I'm not just saying this to limit a faction I don't like.)
It would not cause any balance problems. That is how they work in PS1, where they are very balanced, it would work in PS2 too.

Let the devs worry about animation/modelling effort, this should not influence this suggestion.

Originally Posted by Ratstomper View Post
The issue with giving a 360 degree turret is that it would make it significantly better than the driver=gunner version of the tank. A hover tank with a rotatable gun means the main gunner has an advantage over a fixed gun variant for being able to move the gun quickly (since the main gun moves with the tank).

Maybe it wouldn't be a huge deal. Hard to tell without testing it out.
Gunner operated guns do not move with the tank, they are independent. If the tank rotates around, the turret will still point in the same direction.

The balance compared to the basic "drivergunner" variant should not be a problem. Don't forget, you lose half your firepower by chosing to be the dedicated driver, only with a third player can you match a "drivergunner MBT"'s firepower. Even then the 3 manned vehicle could still lose if he makes a mistake or the driver of the "drivergunner MBT" is good enough. The skill of the gunners influences the outcome too of course.

The only diffrence between Magrider and the other tanks in my suggestion is that it can strafe left and right (probably slowly). It was not enough to avoid damage in PS1 (other empires did area damage, so even a miss hurt), I think it will be the same in PS2. It remains to be seen of course, but this can be balanced by reducing firepower for example.
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