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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Azren View Post
It would not cause any balance problems. That is how they work in PS1, where they are very balanced, it would work in PS2 too.

Let the devs worry about animation/modelling effort, this should not influence this suggestion.
In PS1 there are also asymmetrical crew numbers for vehicles as well, I don't see the need to force a change that would require a lot more work in this case.

In any event: It's not how they currently work. The game is not yet balanced, of course, but the basics are in place; it requires more work to redesign the functionality and then rebalance even what they've got so far. You have to decide if the MC being turret is only good for 3-crew variants, and how to balance that with 2-crew variants.

While armor/firepower can certainly be helpful to adjust, it is still a lot of "intangibles."

I just don't think it is important enough to make the change to have them go through that effort when they could be working on new vehicles for example instead.
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