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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Manpower is THE most limited and scarce resource on Auraxis. Wasting it like you are all suggesting with this setup makes the option completely uninteresting as it is completely underpowered.

Loss of 33% firepower and 50%-66% endurance for 10%-20% better maneuvrability is completely unacceptable.

Hey Ratstomper, if Manpower doesn't matter as you claim, why do we even bother balancing units against each other both for individuals and groups of players?

It is at the very basis of game design.

@Flapropi: You never heard the sarcasm jokes about the TR design philosophy? If you say it was no problem in PS1, then you really missed how it was felt and perceived by its users. TR hated always requiring more men to fill a whole unit. Even if it was to add functionality, even if Prowler doesn't need the dual 15mm to out-dps a Vanguard. They hated that both Van and Mag could fire at the sky while they could not, while spending equal manpower.

It is an issue. A HUGE issue even. Don't dismiss or ever underestimate manpower requirement balance or you will design the next Raider.
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